Live where the developers live, come home to Long Creek Preserve.

Bryson City was our family vacation destination for over 18 years. We’d visited every summer, longing to own a piece of this heaven. The decision to buy land was an easy one, but finding the perfect place was further off. After searching for our own mountain sanctuary for nearly 13 years, we finally found Long Creek Preserve, only minutes after setting foot on the property. It could only be described as “love at first sight”. We knew that Long Creek Preserve was where we were supposed to be!

The property came with a long list of exclusives that set it apart from any other we’d seen. One of the most striking was the lack of modern sound, which allowed the orchestras of nature to ensue. Gurgling creeks and trickling waterfalls took the place of busy roadways, and an abundant view of nature replaced hard cityscapes. Century old logging roads showed themselves as we explored our never-ending supply of elbowroom amongst our private country haven.

We felt extremely blessed, as the property proved to exceed our hopes and dreams! It was truly more than we ever could have imagined. We couldn’t keep such natural beauty to ourselves, and felt compelled to share our blessing with others. That is when we decided to develop the land and sell parcels to those who shared our dream.

Getting “back to basics” is our development theory. Subdivisions were never a part of our vision, and we don’t allow golf courses, tennis courts, or country club dining rooms to cloud our view. Here at Long Creek Preserve, the “amenities” is nature itself.

Long Creek Preserve has been a labor of love since its dawning. The lots have been hand picked, and much thought and preservation of the land has gone into each and every home site. We, the owners, have walked all the roads. We made sure to oversee the installation of the spring water to Phase I, and sought to ensure that the native beauty of the land would never be compromised. This dedication is what you will find separates Long Creek Preserve. This is not a “job”. This is our dream. We invite you to share our dream, and come home to Long Creek Preserve.

Long Creek Preserve is owner developed. LIve where they live, in lots they
hand picked for beauty and privacy.

The property is in a gated community, and shown by appointment only.
Call 1-828-488-7515 to schedule your appointment to discuss owning
your own piece of heaven on earth. Some owner financing may be available.